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Wave World

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Wave World ist ein niederländisch-kanadischen Multi-Media-Akt, bestehend aus den Musikern Gert van Santen und Harry Kessels in Verbindung mit 3D-Computergrafik Künstler Rolf van Slooten. Sie sind berühmt für ihre beeindruckenden Live-Shows,

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Harry and Gert have a long history in music. Gert, having started out with the recorder, acoustic guitar and piano in his early years, got involved in new wave, progressive rock and electronic and experimental music in the eighties and nineties. He has composed half a library of pieces, and performed as multi-instrumentalist in numerous bands and projects. Amongst others, he has been a member of Modern Management, De Rest, What's Left and since a couple of years De Hufters. Harry, who is currently living in Canada, is a gifted vocalist, thereminist, composer and piano improviser and has been a choir vocalist since he was young. He recently started singing with Vocal Horizons in Toronto. He is also the developer of the Wave World Language Lua Lengua. Together with vocalist Jesso, Harry and Gert formed Solipsist Paradise, a short-lived act that, out of the blue, was launched into airplay on national public radio, but without time for gigs or a new album. Rolf, apart from having been keyboardist and graphics artist for the Real Virtuality Project, has been specialized in computer graphics since the early nineties. As a visual genius, he has worked for leading post production company Valkieser Capital Images, and now has his own company, Virtual Factory. For 2009, Wave World has planned to release 2 DVDs, a comic, an iPhone game and is working on the presentation of their new live show A detailed and entertaining story on Wave World’s formation process, together with some exhilarating ‘behind the scenes’ insights, can be found in the ‘Fundamentals’ DVD and accompanying booklet (2006)
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